Ráíd:shádów legénds-1

Ráíd:shádów legénds-1

Friendly Reminder:Please click"Self Selection"

Delivery time: If the staff is online, you can get the account in only 5 minutes after payment.

Go to the website to choose your favorite account.

Click here to enter the optional websitehttps://raidgm.com/game1

Mobile users click here to contact: online staff

The account will be sent by email. The email of the account may be classified as spam. You can find it in the spam.

Buying for the first time? Don't be nervous, here to answer your questions.

1. Are these accounts safe?

These accounts are obtained through normal login, and will not be obtained by illegal means like those in other stores, so our account is very safe.

2. What service is this?

What we are selling is a brand new account, these accounts have not been used, just completed the novice tutorial and daily rewards. The brand new account level is only 6, which has a lot of game resources.

3. Worried about not using it when you buy it for the first time?

Don't worry, we will ship with a tutorial. You can also contact the staff if you have any questions.

4. How to choose an account?

You need to click on the above account to select a website, click on one of the icons to search, and the account list will be displayed.

5. What is the purchase process?

1. According to the above mentioned, first select the account you want;

2. Click "BUY" to purchase;

3. Fill in the receiving email address and payment;

4. Waiting for the new mail or contact us to receive the goods;

6. How to ensure the security of my account?

Do not violate the terms of use in the game.

7. Can the email address and password be changed after purchase?

You can modify the email address and password after receiving the goods. (Generally, you only need to modify the password. Modifying the email address is a complicated operation, but rest assured, I will send you a modified tutorial)

8. How long does it take to receive the goods after purchase? What are the working hours of the staff here?

Our working hours are very long, very long. Basically, they are working 24/7/365. In general, you can receive the goods within a few minutes of payment.

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