"Rainbow Six: Siege" Y4S3.3 Developer Notes and Update Announcement


Dear, in this developer note, we will review some of the things that I have shared with you before. At the same time, our development team is very happy to welcome Prodigio Pete, Rogue-9 and Get Flanked (all of which are Youtube video creators) to our game balance team's office in Barcelona. The discussion about game balance will be in the data. Provided below the article, and these changes will be rolled out in the Y4S3.3 update.

Winning rate and appearance rate (longitudinal is the winning percentage, horizontal is the occurrence rate)

The winning percentage and appearance rate of the PC Platinum/Diamond segment in the third season of the fourth year of the offensive team

The defensive team's winning percentage and appearance rate in the PC Platinum/Diamond segment in the third season of the fourth year

Please note: We have introduced the term “occurrence rate” to measure the popularity of Secret Service staff, and this concept must be introduced to reflect the implementation of the ban/select system.

Definition of the rate of occurrence: The rate of selection of a particular service officer without being disabled.

Disable rate

The top ten offensive party special clerk

The data comes from the PC platform in the fourth year of the third season Platinum / diamond position ranking

Defensive rate top ten defensive party


The data comes from the PC platform in the fourth year of the third season Platinum / diamond position ranking

Upcoming changes


The magazine capacity of F2 has been reduced from 30 to 25.

Even though we slightly increased the recoil of the weapon in the earlier update, Twitch was still one of the best performers. Now we will limit her ability to kill by reducing the amount of impeachment. However, at the moment we think her skills are in a good position, so I don't make any changes.



From the top three speeds to two two speeds.

Warden's appearance rate is really too low, we want to increase his speed by increasing his speed. This way he will have more opportunities to use his skills effectively. This is the first step in our efforts to improve Warden's potential, and we are also considering making more changes to his skills in the future.


The OTs-03's rate of fire increased from 285 to 380 (by 33%)

We are still looking for ways to balance this sniper from Russia. We are more satisfied with the previous changes to his skills, because the frustration caused by the player's killing of his skills is reduced. However, his current rate is now the last. We want to make more people choose by slightly enhancing his weapons.


current state


Blackbeard's winning percentage is currently rising. Although we did not expect such a large increase, we are continuing to observe his performance to decide whether to make changes to make his winning percentage the same as other offensive players.



NØkk's current selection rate is low, and we are considering some suggestions for modifying her equipment configuration to make her a more attractive option. But at the moment we think it is too early to make any changes, so we will continue to monitor her performance. The professional leagues of recent weeks have shown some interesting uses of her abilities, and we are happy to see what height she can rise to.


The development team is exploring some options for Kaid because we want to give the Moroccan defensive player more opportunities to use his props. Although this plan is already in the process of implementation, we are not ready to share more details with you.


Different colored circles have been added near the footprint to provide better visual feedback. These circles also have different pattern lengths to accommodate color blind players.


Correlation between the number of markers and the freshness of the footprint

As a special service clerk with a banned rate, Jackal has caused many players a headache. The main task of the development team is to find ways to balance him.

The first thing we need to do is to change Jackal's tracking ability. Players should make more positive contributions to get the intelligence brought by the tracking ability, and the defender should not feel that they are being pushed all the time. We want to reduce the number of markers by how much freshness is based on footprints. It also requires Jackal to weigh the consequences of scanning footprints: the footprints will disappear after being scanned.

The new version of Jackal is currently available in technical test suits, and our goal is to officially launch his changes next season.


Y4S3.3 update announcement

We will deploy Y4S3.3 updates on PS4, XB1 and PC platforms on October 22 (non-Beijing time, unknown time). The changes we've made to Twitch, Warden, and Glaz in the developer notes above will go live in this update. In addition, there are some other changes and bug fixes that will be mentioned in this announcement.

MMR rollback system update

With the Y4S3.3 update, the MMR rollback system has been improved, allowing us to more appropriately locate and resolve players who are misbehaving in the qualifying system. The dramatic change in MMR is a sign of a large number of irregularities and danger signals in the system, so we will reset the MMR of such players.

This means that the player does not have to bear the impact of the obvious change in MMR. Instead, the player must re-complete the grading game to re-calculate the ranking system. Please note: Players who have been reset to MMR will not receive a pendant at the end of the season where he/she has reached the highest position.

BUG fix

Fixed - Players can use third-party cheats to change the special agents selected by other players.

Fixed - After switching from an advanced deployment to a standard deployment, the attacker's first deployment of blasting explosives will be cancelled.

Secret service

Fixed - Blackbeard's rifle shield will be worn when deployed sideways.

Fixed - Hibana's X-Kairos projectile will destroy other projectiles that are not in the explosion but on the same wall.

Fixed - Defenders can deploy blockers/dragonscales on volcanic shields deployed at the door.

user experience

Fixed - the radio will still play music after being destroyed.

Fixed - Right click on the scoreboard will open both the player page and the aiming mode.

Fixed - mute text chat is not available for local games.

Fixed - There are two sound effects when entering the watch tool.

Fixed - The "My Segment" UI will now correctly display the player's current position instead of the season's highest position.

Fixed - Subtle material on the uniform shows problems.

Fixed - Display issues when the player switches to the weapon after the lanyard has passed.

Fixed - menu UI display issues.

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