League of Legends Global 10th Anniversary Celebration Mobile Games and other heavy new products announced

Unknowingly, the League of Legends has been going through 10 years, and the fist is also very important for the 10th anniversary of the League of Legends this year. On the day of the S9 group match off on October 16th, the fist was carried out for more than an hour. Noisy, fists, which shared a lot of new plans for the next, we made some simple finishing on the part of the game.


10th anniversary celebration

Daily benefits, you will receive a gift every day for 10 days.


Complete unlimited firepower return!


The fist continued the cause of public welfare and set up a new public welfare plan called “Fist Social Impact Fund”. At the same time, it will launch a public welfare skin, the dawn messenger Kalmar.


Preseason changes

Before talking about the preseason, we are happy to announce that the Middle East, the Arab server started

Add more terrain elements, Fenglong reduces your cooldown time, and the ancient dragon adds new changes, with the effect of killing

The new hero debuts, the auxiliary shooter Saina debuts, and goes online on October 29th.



Cloud top game welcomes important changes and new restrictions

Cloud top game will launch mobile version and public beta version in December


League of Legends Mobile Games released

It's not a direct transplant, it's a brand new design, but the skin on the PC side won't sync to the mobile end, and the mobile end also has a brand new skin design, which means you need to collect it again.






The fist will explore more other types of games, including shooting, card and fighting, giving RIOT GAMES this S more possibilities.



One of the plans A is actually similar to "Watching Pioneer". There will be more news in 2020.

There is also a card game, similar to Hearthstone, but it seems to be a lot different, because there are upgrades and various special mechanisms, free games, cards unlocked through the mission, no gold!


The card game will be released at the end of the year, and an appointment will be launched recently.

This anniversary event really makes the players very satisfied, because there are too many things worth talking about, mobile games, new games, new skins, new heroes, League of Legends are getting better and better, and there will be more in the next 10 years. What's new.


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