MapleStory M - Mercedes or WA

Restarted maple afterwards a continued aperture if Mercedes was launched. Managed to ability 130, but seems like its boxy to do campaign with Mercedes during expedition. 


Am currently exploring to acknowledgment aback to my WA (only 112) but abundant easier to manage. 

Wanted to apprehend you guys thoughts on WA vs Mercedes on SF and expeditions... Should i do it aboriginal instead of spending added time on Merc? 

I mained WA aback it's absolution and acquire been adequate the chic overall, but my bigger complaint has been that it's absolute boring. It has beneath alive abilities afresh added classes and they aren't that air-conditioned ( abandoned ) . 

I acquire been agilely cat-and-mouse for the absolution of Mercedes because I enjoyed the chic in ms1 and anticipation the abilities looked air-conditioned and the accomplished artful batten to me. But I don't apperceive if I adore it 100%. On AB the chic shreds admitting SF maps, but manually the combos don't in actuality feel aqueous so far to me. Maybe I'm just not acclimated to the chic yet, but the actuality that there are 2 abilities that acquire altered cooldowns that you acquire to circle in and out of combos in actuality makes the action oo annealed and complicated, and the draft awning controls don't accomplish it any easier. 

I already scissored some equips from WA to my Merc, but I don't apperceive if that was the smartest decision. Ultimately, I anticipate I just haven't begin a chic I can in actuality abatement in adulation with yet, but for now I anticipate I will accomplish my Merc my capital just of the accomplishment array alone. 

An cold allocation from a getting who approved out WA, BM and currently Mercedes (i.e., me): 

For SF: BM 5/10, WA 7/10, Merc 9/10 (I/L mage 10/10) 

For campaign (czak/hht/hpb): BM 8/10, WA 7/10, Merc 3/10 

For brotherhood dungeon: BM 8/10, WA 8/10, Merc 6/10 

Apparently a part of 3 jobs, WA is the a lot of able which works able-bodied everywhere. Bow Master is bigger at raw accident while Mercedes is the best at SF and sucks everywhere else. I assumption I would alternation Mercedes for accession ages afore acid aback all equips to my Bow Master - unless Nexon abundantly addict Merc aural next month. My aim is to alternation Merc to akin 155 for the Maple Tree benefit as able-bodied as able to acreage the accomplished Aristocratic Alcove to accomplish mythic/emblem equips for acclaim or affairs them for Maplestory M Mesos. 


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